I totally need 100mg of Triactin right now!

I am SOOOOO excited, Reader!

My first CEU course has been approved by ASWB for 1 hour of credit! Yay!

It's called Psychiatric Roadmap for PTSD: Brain + Medication Insights

But because I'm cautious when doing something new, I future dated it so you can’t actually get credit until 7/1/24!


That sort of crushed my spirit for a few minutes.

Until I took some Triactin!

My inappropriate friend said this to me once when I was appropriately venting about insurance and my new EMR.

Me: Blah blah blah insurance sucks and I can't figure out how to link to meds and my notes at the same time!

Him: Sounds like you need like 100mg of Triactin.

Me: Huh? What’s that?

Him: Try acting like a man!

Me: Haha. Not funny.

(Kind of like a dad joke but worse. Just in time for Father's Day, if you celebrate! Either way you can just forget this joke 🙄)

But at least I updated it to say “grown up” so it’s appropriate now! But still not that funny.

And yeah, hard to complain about something awesome happening when I asked it to be this way. Gotta go find my big girl panties.

But I love a celebration and that’s how this feels to me!

So you know what I’m going to do? If you know you want this course (and why wouldn’t you, Reader?) just reply to this email and I’ll give it to you for FREE!

Therapists often struggle with medication discussions because you’ve been told over and over that it’s not in your scope!

How are you supposed to guide your clients to improve their outcomes if you feel limited because you're "not allowed" to answer so many of their questions?

And even worse, what if they quit because they’ve stopped improving? You’re left wondering how you could have helped in a more meaningful way.

Become more informed on brain science and medications! This helps you work with clients who could benefit from meds or just need to answer more whys about what’s going on in their brains!

I truly believe that all therapists can incorporate more client discussions on meds and brain physiology!

It’s the single most effective way to see faster results with clients while being seen as the therapist who can answer all their questions. (Well, unless they weren’t doing the work before. But we know that all your clients always do the work Reader😉!)

Being comfortable with med conversations builds your confidence in the options that could help a client get better faster and will lead to a stronger alliance!

Get excited about helping trauma clients in a deeper way!

Expand your comfort zone to include more medication and neuroscience info. This IS in your scope because you’re the perfect person to share this with your clients recovering from trauma.

There are tons of resources out there that you can comb through over the whole summer. Or you can just check this out and get distilled recent research in this 1 hour CEU ASWB approved course!

If you want this course for FREE (Before 7/1/24), reply to this email and I’ll personally respond to you about what to expect next, and won’t let you take it too early (I want you to get the credit you deserve!)

Just in time for fireworks! And maybe that timing's better. You can be extra educated in trauma right before a holiday that sends lots of people into a triggered spiral thanks to all those loud “explosions”.

I know you’re ready for this! I sure am.

July 1 is just a couple weeks away! And if you’re off on the 4th, a 1 hour post-hotdogs-and-pie-BBQ-afternoon CEU video is the perfect way to rest and digest before the first fireworks blast off!

Cheers to healthy brains,

Dr. B

Jessica Beachkofsky, MD

Your friendly online psychiatrist!

P.S. Maybe we need another new medication? Something themed, perhaps? Create your new med today! Thera blanks is waiting for all your fabulous words…

P.P.S. Here’s a link to take you to all the CEU details but don’t purchase the course from here if you want it for FREE! Just email me so I can give you access!

P.P.P.S. Stay awesome! And if you’re having a stupid, tantrum kind of day like I was, try Triactin! 100mg should be just right 😂

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